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Is Royalti.io the ChatGPT of Music Royalty and Accounting?

More often than not, young and new music artists want all but the hassle of figuring out the calculations worked into every dollar earned through their music. They want to sing; they want the attention of their manager and label boss and, of course, that of the fans. They creatively and enthusiastically think of ways to hit top trends on platforms and remain there. 

Online and offline gimmicks, studio time, parties, shopping, and controversies take a big chunk of their time. How can they work out the trickles from several streaming platforms and others and then work in the bits that accrue to the label, publishers, copyright owners, songwriters, and, finally, their cut?

The answer lies with Royalti.io

Like ChatGPT, an all-in-one solution helps monitor artists’ financial growth/earnings with a click. Ok, maybe two. Royalti.io is to a music artist what ChatGPT is to a researcher.

With ChatGPT, a researcher could ask anything they need to do a project efficiently. From getting broad views and summaries on the subject area to linking up direct sources of information and referencing, you’re well-catered for here. 

In the same way, an artiste can log into the Royalti platform to view the revenues accrued from all streaming and download platforms according to an agreed sharing formula between the record label and the artiste. All these are presented in easy-to-digest forms using an efficient split sheet visualization technique. Labels can use the Royalti.io platform just as much.

An artist doesn’t have to be confused about how much they make from digital service providers (DSPs), live shows, and more. The Royalti platform makes data easily presentable on his dashboard. Music distributors can use the Royalti.io platform as well with all their artists onboard and enjoy the ease of quick feedback.

In case I have yet to spell it out, The platform enables users to string together multiple income streams with varying percentages of royalties for different stakeholders.

In a nutshell, Royalti.io is an all-in-one platform that simplifies the management of catalogue, contracts, royalties, and accounting for modern recording artists and music companies.

You can try out a demo of the product here


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