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Cloud Workspace for Streamlined Music Business

Say goodbye to intricate spreadsheets and confusing reports. Royalti.io streamlines catalog management, royalty analyses, splits, and accounting, making it a breeze for today’s artists and music companies.

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Royalti.io suite of features empowers different industry players:

for Record Labels and Managers

Leverage the power and ease of the cloud to Manage artiste contracts, splits information, catalogue, royalties, payments, advances and expenses.

for Artistes, Producers and Songwriters

Keep track of catalogue, accrued royalties, payments and more, using an easy and transparent dashboard.

for Distributors and Aggregators

Save development costs and innovate by accessing our reliable solution to manage client catalogue, royalties and accounting.

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Centralized Data House

Centralized data warehouse

Organize and manage artists, songwriters, splits, and music collection with ease


Simplified Reporting

Combine and analyze royalty, streaming, trends data, and more to make informed decisions


Automated Bookeeping

Automate and manage revenue, payment, expenses, advance records, and reports seamlessly

Extensive API

Integrate Royalti.io with other tools and systems through a robust API for enhanced flexibility and efficiency

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How it works

Steps to get started


Royalty data files from any source to the platform for processing


Artists, Assets and Products automagically from the processed Royalty data


Artists, Producers, Songwriters, via email and they get a personalized dashboard

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