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Black Panther - Wakanda Forever

The Black Panther Soundtrack: Top Five – Nigerian Edition

A few weeks ago, the world received the cinematic gift of Black Panther II: Wakanda Forever. An anticipated masterpiece that did not disappoint expectations. However, it was Marvel’s selection for the Black Panther soundtrack that had our attention. Filled with Africa’s finest and at the top of that list was Nigeria’s Tems, Burna Boy, Rema, Ckay, and Fireboy DML.

The world can say what they like about Nigerians, but when it comes to music, we set the bar and smash it each time. This week, we picked our five favorite songs on the Black Panther soundtrack lineup by Nigerian artists. These songs are either performed by or written by a Nigerian. They are in order from ‘like’ to ‘addicted’. We hope you have as much fun reading about them as we had selecting them.

5. Coming Back for You – Fireboy DML

We loved the intro and the outro. Fireboy DML sounded great, and he delivered on vocals. We got lost somewhere in the middle, and for 22 seconds, we wondered if it was still the same song. But, as fate would have it, everything was right with the world again, and this song made it to this list. All we are saying is sometimes less is more and vice versa.

4. Pantera – Aleman, Rema

No, we don’t speak Spanish. For this Black Panther soundtrack, you probably have to look up the lyrics anyways, so look up the interpretation while you are at it. The bottom line, it is good music. It gives you the feeling that you can slap a soldier and get away with it. We strongly advise against this line of action, though. Catchy, it had us moving our bodies to the beat.

3. No Woman, No Cry – Tems

Tems took our favorite Bob Marley song and made us fall in love again. To say our girl is having such a good year would be an understatement, and we love to see it. We all had this song on repeat when it dropped, don’t lie. The only reason it is not number one is that it is a cover.

2. Alone – Burna Boy

There is just something about a Burna song. We won’t go as far as saying he has no bad songs, but he delivers every time. Some have argued that this Black Panther soundtrack was the best among the rest. It’s one of those songs you hear in a movie and immediately hop on google to find the name. This song is such an earworm and deserving of our number two spot.

1. Lift Me Up – Rihanna (Tems)

Before you say anything about the artist not being Nigerian, kindly check the song credits, then come back, and let’s talk. Tems is making us proud, and her pen pulled “the Rihanna” out of her hiatus. So, you are all welcome. Yes, this masterpiece is our number one, and we are ready to die on this hill. This song has been on repeat enough times to become an addiction. But that’s okay because we know we will be safe and sound.

The Nigerian music industry is a space to watch, an eco-system that we dare call self-sufficient. 2022 has been its best year yet. From Grammy nominations to Marvel soundtracks, and it’s not even over yet.

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