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Updates: Improved tables and Splits calculation

Hey friend,

This post is a week late, but still. πŸ™ƒ I just wanted to give some updates on what’s been going on:

My brother got hitched last weekend πŸ₯³ It was beautiful and I had so much fun.

Okay okay, updates on Royalti.io. Here a few things added/updated last week.

  • The tables look a tad better now, with clearer action buttons
  • Royalty Splits calculation is now being on each user added to a track or release splits record. So you can select a User (rights holder) and see how much Royalty they have earned calculated from their share formula. Check this out
  • and a few other cosmetic changes

We are continuously working on new updates and features. Please drop a feedback or vote on features here.

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