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Record Label Management: The Content Administrators

Content administrators in a record label’s management team are in charge of content strategies, creating targeted and relevant content, and delivering marketing communications to the target audience. They are organized, skilled in nurturing the voice of the brand, and often familiar with promotions.

While the day-to-day activities of several record label management employees can vary greatly, content administrator roles and responsibilities in a record label entail being creative, talented and resourceful. The content administrator should curate content for a record label, be experienced in content management, and propose ideas and concepts for content creation focused on a target audience or fanbase. 

It doesn’t end there…

Content administrators are familiar with the different music genres and keeps track of fast-paced trends and evolving aesthetics. He monitors the target audience’s engagement and response to an artist’s previous works.  His advice on concept direction is influenced by the data he analyzes. He challenges the limit of what exists to ensure the success of a product across all platforms. The content administrator has an important job, to create content that would be a hit “back to back”.

An administrator is also a strategic marketer.  He anticipates the audience’s needs while staying focused on the final look and profitability. 

Content Administrators: The Skill Set

To be a successful content administrator you must:

  • possess crazy high standards and feel free to make them unattainable
  • be abreast with trends but don’t follow them
  • always push the limit of what is considered new and fresh
  • have excellent judgement. You must be able to smell a “hit” from a mile off


Royalti.io provides the content administrator with the ultimate tool to manage catalogue and keep track of content released and royalty generated across different platforms. Once the record label/music company has registered and a dashboard has been provisioned, you can:

  • manage contributors, right holders, contracts and splits
  • manage audio/video track and release metadata
  • analyse and keep track of Royalty generated from the catalogue once available.

Are you an artist, a music distribution company, or a record label? Register with us by signing up to the platform Sign up, or Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you. You can also check out the demo to get a feel of the platform.

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